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To make an appointment for consultation and/or treatment in one of Dr. Vussuki's clinics, please provide your complete details on the attached form, or phone us at 052-5154526.

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Ramat Gan - Tel Aviv
Zabotinsky 7
Moshe Aviv towers,floor 21
near the Ayalon exit ramp and the
Tel Aviv Center – Savidor
rail road station
Rishon Le Zyon clinic
Shimon Peres 33
Kiriat Hatanei Prasei Nobel
at the intersection of the Ayalon
Highway and Highway 431
on the boundary between
Holon and Bat-Yam
Tel Aviv clinic
Yehezkel 28
Near to Dizengof and Nordeo
Tel aviv

TEL : 052-5154526 TEL : 03-9415900 TEL : 052-5154526

Ramat Gan – Tel-Aviv

Rishon Le'Zion

Tel Aviv

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