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Aesthetics: Making Time Stand Still

At one stage or another, almost everyone wants to be able to stop the clock. But time can never be made to stand still. All we can do is delay its effects.

Our face is our calling card. We respond positively to those who look good and enjoy spending time with attractive people. Good looks are an important parameter in choosing a partner and can open many doors for us. But our youth passes quickly, as does the fresh look of young skin.

Human beings have always cultivated their outward appearance with proper nutrition and regular physical exercise as well as by hiding defects and properly emphasizing assets through the use of cosmetics, makeup and preparations intended to restore the body's youthful appearance. Modern medicine offers treatments capable of delaying or reversing these natural changes and improving one's appearance, even if only temporarily.

Dr. Eyal Vussuki, an expert in dermatology and aesthetic medicine, established his clinics with a single objective in mind – to offer his patients the most advanced treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine, including:

 - Smoothing wrinkles using Botox®: concealing and obliterating wrinkles for a period of 3-6 months through a quick and painless process, using the highest quality substances on the market today. Repeated treatments with Botox and its derivatives improve the effectiveness of the treatment over time.

 - Using hyaluronic acid for filling in wrinkles, adding volume and thickening lips: Injecting fillers returns natural volume to the face by filling in wrinkles and folds. They are usually applied to the area of the mouth, cheeks and chin to achieve thick, sensuous and natural-looking lips, to lift the facial skin and give it a smooth and full appearance. Results usually last for a period of a year to a year and a half. All filler substances used in the clinics are scientifically proven to be of the highest quality. All are naturally absorbed by the body and encourage collagen production. Results show improvement after each repeated treatment.

 - Peeling: Rejuvenation of the facial skin through a variety of treatments to encourage growth of young healthy tissue: skin peeling and rejuvenation, deep peeling, laser peeling and others.

 - Skin lightening and hyper-pigmentation treatment through the use of medical creams, liquid nitrogen and laser.


 - Laser for treating acne scars.

 - Pixel Fractional Laser Resurfacing to treat laugh lines, smooth the skin in sensitive regions, remove pigmentation, and obliterate scars: This innovative instrument offers a quick solution for problems in sensitive regions such as the eyelids, with an easy recovery period.

 - Removal of excess skin using the most effective methods, for a
smooth and aesthetic look.

- Professional consultation about how to preserve treatment results, how to protect the skin against ageing, what cosmetics should be used, how to avoid environmental ravages and how to lead a healthy life.

In the clinic, you will consult with Dr. Vussuki to evaluate your expectations and learn about the most effective means to achieve the results you desire. Your treatment will be planned according to your needs and matched to your skin type, and you will be given a realistic forecast of the final results.

Perfectionism and professionalism are the principles guiding Dr. Vussuki in his work as he strives for excellence and completeness. He uses the finest substances available for the Botox®, peeling and filler treatments.

In addition, even when patients have already expressed their complete satisfaction, Dr. Evusuki asks them to return for follow-up appointments until he believes he has achieved the best possible results.

Our skin is a delicate and precious organ. Therefore, to achieve the best possible results and to avoid damage, you should seek out dermatological experts for aesthetic treatments.


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