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Dr. Vussuki's Credo

We often feel helpless when faced with some sort of medical condition, so that when we seek advice or treatment we want to be sure we are in the best and most experienced hands.

I chose the field of dermatology out of a genuine and passionate love for the profession and a desire to carry out my work to the best of my ability. To this end, I continue to study the physiological mechanisms at work, both through research and by treating patients with dermatological diseases.

I believe that doctors should be experts in their area of specialization. They should be on the cutting edge of knowledge in the field and aware of new research and on innovative medications and treatments. How doctors regard their patients' emotional and psychological background is of equal importance, for I believe that doctors should adopt an overall approach to patients. Every patient in my clinic benefits from this type of approach, which considers physical symptoms but does not disregard the emotional impact of the medical condition, particularly when it comes to psoriasis, in which emotional stress can be a trigger or an exacerbating factor.

I am guided by the belief that diagnosis and treatment must be more than superficial. Treating the patient is merely the final step in the process. A solution can be proposed only after clarifying all the causes for the outbreak of the disease and finding a way to treat them at the source. I am committed to do my utmost to diagnose my patients' illnesses without sparing any necessary tests and diagnostic procedures.

This is not a cliché. I believe that the skin, the largest organ in the body, is the mirror of an individual's health and emotional well-being. The skin enables us to lean about numerous internal diseases.

I believe that aesthetic treatments for the skin, among them Botox® injections, dermal fillers, peeling, skin-lightening and a variety of other treatments should be carried out by a specialist in dermatology who studied and knows the organ being treated better than any other doctor.

For the many aesthetic treatments I offer in my clinics, I rely upon my expertise to provide patients with the best results without compromising on professionalism. I use the best and highest quality substances and provide all my patients with the most suitable treatment for their condition.

Perfectionism and professionalism are a way of life for me, and I constantly strive for excellence and completeness. In treatments involving Botox®, peeling and dermal fillers, for example, I believe that using the best substances is not sufficient. Even when patients have already expressed their complete satisfaction, I ask them to come back for follow-up checkups until the desired result is achieved.



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