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The skin is the largest organ in the human body. This valuable organ protects us from the ravages of the outside world, and contains an immeasurably large number of complex biological systems. This is why our skin is vulnerable to an infinite number of diseases, afflictions and hazards that have concerned the medical profession from the outset.

Dr. Eyal Vussuki diagnoses and treats all dermatological diseases and STDs, from the most prevalent to the least common. Among other things, Dr. Vussuki serves as a consultant for Maccabi Healthcare Services in the Jerusalem and Shfela District, and offers diagnoses of internal medical conditions based upon their manifestations on the patient's skin.

What is important in dermatology is to get to the source of the problem, to clarify the causes and symptoms of the illness and to use these conclusions to find the appropriate treatment.

Dr. Vussuki offers a wide variety of advanced treatments for all types of skin conditions and diseases, among them treatments for nail fungus, acne and atopic dermatitis, diagnosis of birthmarks and moles and of skin tumors, diagnosis and treatment of all types of skin cancer, treatments for scars, psoriasis and many other skin conditions.

Dr. Vussuki also offers highly discreet diagnosis and treatment of STDs and their symptoms.

All the treatments offered by the clinics are the result of in-depth understanding of this field. The comprehensive and professional treatment takes into consideration the improvement in the patient's quality of life, and patients are provided with full explanations for follow-up and preventative care.

Seek out an expert for your dermatological problems – Dr. Vussuki offers professional and comprehensive care.




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